there is a park slightly before the center of downtown Detroit,
which doesn't have a name.
It does have a fountain in the middle,
it does have rules,
and it has rulebreakers.
A lady in blue cycling past the security guard yelling at her to get off her bicycle.
It has birds, 
I saw a pigeon standing on one foot, 
silly guy, playing flamingo.
I saw a blackbird with a deep emerald neck,
glossy, gorgeous.
"Hey little guy," I heard myself calling out, "You're beautiful, come here so I can take a closer look at ya." 
I have become the lady that talks to thrushes.
two construction workers walking past, 
smiling at me alone smiling alone at me
and my coffee cup. 
"Have a wonderful day," they said, 
the whole city wants me to have a wonderful day.